Saturday, May 16, 2009

Disneyland Birthday Fun Card

What will you celebrate?” I answered Disney’s question a few days ago, which just happened to have been my birthday. Disneyland is giving away a free ticket to the park on your birthday. If you have an Annual Pass, your choices are; a ticket for someone else to use or some kind of super fast-pass or an upgrade if your Annual Pass is blocked out or the Birthday Fun Card. It’s a pretty cool give-away that’s easy and there’s no “odds of winning”.

The Birthday Fun Card seemed like the best deal; it's good for one year from your birthday, plus Pluto is adorable isn’t he?

Your Birthday Fun Card is loaded with an amount equal to a one-day one-park ticket. Adults - $69, Children - $59. 

You’re given this flyer along with the Birthday Fun Card. What, you can’t use it on food or drinks? What else would I buy at Disneyland besides food & drinks? I haven’t used it yet, I guess I’ll find something in the clothes store or the Emporium.

What’s with all this Lawyer stuff? It’s a FREE gift! After you read this you’ll be afraid to use your Happy Fun Card (link) without your legal counsel present. #8 – “Disney Gift Card Services, Inc.” Was it really necessary to form a separate legal entity to give stuff away?

Offer not Valid in the following states; 



keeline said...

Both my wife and my birthdays fall on Saturdays this year. These also happen to be blockout dates for the Deluxe Passes we have had for many years. Her pass has the parking.

When we went for her birthday a couple months ago we got the fun card and used the money to upgrade her pass to premium for an additional twenty-something dollars.

We'll probably upgrade mine when my birthday comes up. However, the added discounts on hers was already a benefit on that first day.

Now we just have to find times to visit more frequently. Many of our weekends are filled, quite pleasantly, running the steam train at the Poway-Midland Railroad like today.

James Keeline

Anonymous said...

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