Friday, May 22, 2009

Disneyland Food Tickets

Time for a look at some food exchange tickets from Disneyland. I’m not sure how you got these, but I think they came with certain special event tickets.

First up, from 1984, this card was good for one A La Carte meal at any of the four listed restaurants. $10.75 must have been for the highest priced item at the time? The Tacos Monterey today is about $10, I wonder what Casa Mexicana had that was near that price in 1984? 

From 1989, this little card could be exchanged for a yummy Citrus Freeze Swirl or Jungle Freeze. I didn’t realize both Sunkist locations were still at the park in 1989, when did they leave? And why?


The Viewliner Limited said...

Very cool tix, Tim!

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, so odd! Disneyland food stamps.

Disney On Parole said...

If my memory serves me correct...
These were given to guest groups [Bands, Dances groups ect.]

Anonymous said...

love disneyland!!!
i will get tickets then.
coz concert tickets
is all i have