Monday, March 23, 2009

Take a Bus to Disneyland - 1956

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Today’s feature is a little on the short side (two pages) but I’ll try and make up for it with a great advertisement.

From an unknown magazine, but dated January 1956, this two page article deals with the new dedicated Metro bus service from Los Angeles to Disneyland. This magazine was most likely a bus industry periodical, there are other bus stores on the back pages.

The new “Snow White Bus” looks fun, those Disney artists at Burbank did a fine job. I want some of those photos Jacques Rupp installed in the bus card racks.

Is that a bus on Main Street, what's next a moving van? (link). Great photo of Walt, I always enjoys seeing new pictures of Walt (new to me at least).

From another unknown magazine (boy this “unknown” stuff makes me lose sleep) this wonderful 2 page advertisement for the 1956 Nash must be from 1956 or late 1955. Well look at that, they just happen to be at Disneyland! Air Conditioning priced for everyone, nice! The famous airliner reclining seats and a 220 hp Jetfire V-8, too bad even with that “Sports Racer Grille” its pretty darn ugly.

From the back side of the Nash ad, here’s a great Revere Patio Ware ad. Those pans look great, I want a set. I do love that artwork, in some alternate universe that’s me with the chief’s hat on.


Daveland said...

Tim - Love the Nash Ad! Any way you could zoom in on the shot by the Frontierland Depot?

PTA Transit Authority said...

One hell of a great post Tim. Fits right in with my favorites, Richard.

Katella Gate said...

Yeah, what's going on in the Frontierland shot? It looks like the train stopped and the folks are getting out.

Major Pepperidge said...

Did you notice that the bus was magenta?? Oh man, if only we had a color photo of that!!

Love the Nash ad, really fantastic!

Jason Schultz said...

That's an amazing article!

Disney On Parole said...

Wow... great post!
love the nash ad, today that would all be photo shopped... and I use to take the greyhound from LAX to the DL hotel... what I would have given to ride that 47 min in Snow White Style! Thanks!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Man, I miss the days when you could actually drive through Disneyland.