Thursday, March 5, 2009

Disneyland Hospitality Ticket Books Display Card

Here’s a fun little display card for local hotel/motel rooms dated August 1976. The “Exclusive Ticket Value” was for Disneyland’s Hospitality Ticket Books. These ticket books were only available at your hotel/motel registration desk and not available at the Disneyland Main Gate.

Here’s an unused Hospitality book from June 1978. As you can seem, the Hospitality book included two days admission to Disneyland. You better not lose the “2nd Day” ticket with the booklet in your pocket all day on the first day!  Nice LOWEST serial number too!  You could still use this “intact” ticket book for admission to the park today (maybe even for two days) but that would be crazy, of course some day I may try it!

Fresh Globe tickets - smells better than money.

The back of the Hospitality book from June 1978 shows a ¢75 price increase from the August 1976 display card.

Lastly, here’s an attraction list from the back of a different June 1978 ticket book. I couldn’t get myself to bend back those fresh tickets so I used an empty book instead.


Katella Gate said...

You did right by not bending virgin tickets. That makes them extra virgin, just like Olive Oyl.

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, you can't ask for a lower serial number than that (unless they released an H000000)! I wish I knew the significance of the serial numbers though... did they denote the number within a single printed run of tickets? For instance, was this the first of many thousands of June '78 hospitality books, and were the numbers restarted when they updated them due to pricing changes or attraction changes?