Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bonus Sunday

Today's Bonus Sunday consists of two "Disneyland Lines" these are weekly publications of the Disney University. These are actually the only two I have, but I am getting copies of some from various sources, so expect to see more in the future.

Up first from Wednesday's Grad Nite '78 post (link) here is the Disneyland Line Matterhorn Special Edition. Lots of great stuff about the Matterhorn upgrade, I didn't realize how extensive the update was.

Disneyland Line Matterhorn Special Edition - 25mb

From Friday's Grade Nite '80 post (link) here is the Disneyland Line Big Thunder Mountain Edition. This one has some great Thunder Mountain info as well as some Disney cast activities and classifieds. An interesting inside look at the cast members. It's from 1979, but close enough to 1980...

Line Big Thunder Mountain Edition - 22mb

Tomorrow: Grad Nite, again???? It's still June, so yes, one more Grad Nite!

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Progressland said...

Thanks for posting these! I found my New Fantasyland Line and will get that scanned soon. I also found my own copy of the Matterhorn Special Edition. Thank goodness somebody wrote that information down!