Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Santa Fe & Disneyland R.R. - Part 4

If you missed the other three parts to the Santa Fe & Disneyland R.R. posts, you can view them here (link)

Today we take a close look at this neat little pamphlet for the “New Circle Route around Disneyland”. It was printed by “Walt Disney Productions” but it sure looks like advertising for the Santa Fe too!

This little pamphlet (measuring just 3” by 5” when folded) is not dated. I would place it around 1956.

The Disneyland map looks exactly like the one on the record “Walt Disney takes you to Disneyland” (link) that is from 1956. The Tomorrowland Lake has one of those “Air boats” that they never produced and I can see why! If I was ever to collect attraction posters, I would consider the poster with the Airboats as the holy-grail, has anyone ever seen one in person?

Fun comparison of Disneyland’s two trains with the newer Santa Fe trains. I like the train drawings.

Super map inside showing all the routes of the Santa Fe. This opens up to 10” by 12”.

The back has mailing information. I guess you could mail these to friend for only a 2¢ stamp!

A Commemorative Keepsake, this ticket was for the Lilly Belle Rededication Ceremony February 15, 2006. I have seen tickets from the 1970’s for the Lilly Belle and they do look like this, except they were real!

Fun Facts on the back.

Lastly, from the “Cast Exclusive Series” of trading type cards, this card was printed for the Ward Kimball #5 which joined the other four trains also on February 15, 2006.


Major Pepperidge said...

I bought a Lilly Belle ticket a few years ago... jeez, I hope it's the real thing! I'll send you a scan when I have some free time.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

OF COURSE THIS IS AN AWESOME POST!!! Santa Fe trains and Disneyland RR, what more can I ask for. Absolute beauty, Tim.

Richard Harrison said...

Great stuff, VDT; I especially loved the fold out map of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe line. WDW's Main St train station has a map detailing this line located which I blogged and posted a photo of on March 6, this year. Thanks, again, for a great series.

All the best,

Progressland said...

I have a Lilly Belle ticket from 1997ish... I had friends in Guest Relations! (Of course, I also had friends on the Railroad, so I didn't need to use the ticket!) I love the map of the Park--it's the same one used as the backdrop on the Disneyland Forever kiosk interface.

Biblioadonis aka George said...


Absolutely speechless.

Great items.

Thanks for sharing with us!

tamihall@mhgm.com said...

I found four SF&DLRR tickets in my grandfather's old stuff, stamped on the back "valid July 19, 1957 only." Are these worth anything to collectors?