Friday, June 6, 2008

Space Mountain 1977 & TV Guide 1957

Two completely unrelated items in today’s post, other than they are both follow up’s of posts from last week.

Up first today, let’s continue to celebrate Space Mountain’s 31st anniversary from last weeks post (link). It’s the Retail Clerks Family Party at Disneyland, October 16, 1977. “The most incredible attraction in 22 years”.

The back of the flyer states it’s “Just for You”.

Also continuing on last weeks TV Guide post (Why Disney Changed his Mind about TV) and as a special favor for my friend Richard over at the Viewliner Ltd. blog, here is the complete January 19-25, 1957 TV Guide.

Complete TV Guide / January 19-25, 1957 (97MB)

Here are a few select pages from the TV Guide, starting with a badly worn cover with a great picture of a young Jerry Lewis.

Disney’s “Our Friend the Atom” premiered on TV this week and TV Guide did an nice job of covering it.

From the day of the broadcast, Wednesday January 23rd, TV Guide did a “Close-up” style 2/3 page mention of the show.

Disney appears to have also bought a full page ad, just in case you missed the one on the previous page!

And more of my favorite TV Teletype’s. Notice by 1957 "Hollywood" is listed in the front of the guide and "New York" is in the back, opposite of the 1954 TV Guide.

Looks like RCA did get the price of a Color TV down to $495 by 1957, does that cowboy seem excited or what?


Major Pepperidge said...

I LOVE "Our Friend The Atom"! We saw it on a 16mm film reel in elementary school (at least twice), along with many of the "True Life Adventures".

I recently got a beautiful copy of the "Our Friend the Atom" book, full of wonderful illustrations.

The Viewliner Limited said...

Everything about this TV Guide is absolutely awesome. I am going through it rite now, and it is just unreal. I remember all of this (Thank God). Tim, this is truly a treasure for me. It just takes me back to a bunch of very cool things a 10 year kid was going through back in 1957. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you doing this. Thanks again, Richard

outsidetheberm said...

Nice! You must have a really great TV Guide collection!


walterworld said...

How do I join the Retail Clerks Union?

walterworld said...

How do I join the Retail Clerks Union?

Robert said...

I have a copy of this issue for the Boston area. I was only one when this came out but it reminds me of what TV was like as a child in the early 60's.