Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1958 Disneyland Flyer 1958 and Tickets

This 1958 Disneyland parking lot flyer is one of the larger flyer’s measuring in at 10” by 8 ½”. This flyer is in a similar style to the red (link) 1959 flyer or the blue (link) 1959 flyer.

Attention Grown-ups: You Too Can Have More Fun (and save money!) with Disneyland Ticket Books” Super deals, super line art! Check here (link) for look at a 1958 Jumbo 15 book from a previous post.

Great summer hours – Fantasy in the Sky every evening at 9 P.M.

Here are a couple of Big 10 ticket books from 1958, each is now a Big “1” ticket book.

These tickets are still crisp and pretty fade free, amazing for being 51 years old. I’ll use this “A” ticket for the Satellite-View of America.

Obviously I’m going to use this “B” ticket for the Viewliner, the big question is which one since there is only one “B” ticket left.

The back of the early ticket books have just the right amount of “fancy” and have held up as well as the tickets.

Additional tickets books, gift tickets, coupons that never expire and tinkerbell who could ask for more?


Major Pepperidge said...

I never knew you actually needed a ticket to get into the Main Street Cinema (even if it was only an "A" coupon). And the Viewliner was only a "B"??

xlpharmacy said...

woowww this is amazing it makes me nostalgic when I was there and make me think about it, I didn't know it about all this kind of tickets great!