Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tokyo Disneyland 1989 Starlight Passport & 1985 Guide Book

Let’s take a look at another “Disneyland” this one is in Tokyo. This “Starlight Passport” is from 1989. Only good during “Starlight Hours”. Nice graphics on safety style paper.

This “sample” ticket was only ¥3,100, I wonder how much that was in 1989 US dollars?

Here’s a beautiful Tokyo Disneyland Guide book from August 1985. This guide is done in the same style as the Anaheim Disneyland guides of the same period; it wouldn’t surprise me if they were produced by the same group of people at Disney. The entire guide is below, I especially like the big map and the Tomorrowland pages.


Major Pepperidge said...

I have a few (very few!) TDL items in my collection... it is fascinating to compare it to the original. I once bought a map to Tokyo's Tom Sawyer Island, and the seller (who knew me) said, "Why do you want THAT?".

TokyoMagic! said...

Hey VDT, thank you for sharing this! I love seeing items from the park's early years..especially since I didn't make it there until just this decade!

Unknown said...

Do you happen to have or know where to find the 1983 Tokyo Disneyland Brochure? You see, on the other side of that, on the front cover (when its folded up), is a picture of my brother, Sidney Wisdom, Mickey and Minnie mouse and another small girl. The reason I'm interested is, my brother committed suicide 7 years ago. I just wanted to see that picture again.
Thank you,