Friday, September 4, 2009

Disneyland 2-day Passport - September 4, 1993

Time to take a trip to the park 16 years ago today. This Disneyland 2-Day Passport was used on September 4th and 5th 1993. Supplied by the Walt Disney Travel Company, it feels like it was printed on an index card.

Looks like the 2-Days did not have to be consecutive.

This Early Admission ticket was stapled to the passport. “Not” * “Non” * “Not” * “Non” *“Not”, well ok then…

Too much to read, here’s the short version; this ticket gets you in Disneyland an hour before it opens, have fun and there's no food!

And here’s your “Disneyland Today" brochure for the week of September 1-6 1993. Go Mighty Ducks!

$30 for a 1-day Adult passport seems cheap now doesn’t it? The $75 3-day passport cost just a few bucks more than the current one day ticket!

This entertainment schedule looks like it was done at a local Jr. High School print shop. Yawn…

Valuable Information. Wow, check out the Smoking rules; please “refrain” from smoking while in line.

Take a shot at winning.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Did people actually somehow think that breakfast would be included with your two day pass to Disneyland???