Thursday, September 10, 2009

Black & White Disneyland Press Photos

Staying with yesterday’s black & white photo theme, today we’ve got four undated press “type” photos of Disneyland.

This looks like the Emporium before they updated it with the balcony’s scenes? It does look like something is upstairs or is that just made to look that way? What is all the junk they’re selling? That glass case just needs water and some gold fish!

The Main Street Vehicles and a view of the hub. This photo and the Emporium photo are marked in hand-writing “Disneyland 60’s”.

This photo has a code on the back of “769-DL” I take a guess its September 1976?

Hands-free fun on the single-sled Matterhorn.

And since this post need some color, here’s some folks not going hands-free on the Matterhorn from Vacationland - Summer of 1963.


TokyoMagic! said...

Great Emporium pic! I believe the brass elevator/dumb waiter doors are visible just behind that lady's head! And yes, what is all that "junk" being sold???

Major Pepperidge said...

When I go to Disneyland, I head right to the Emporium, where they have the best selection of flower thingamabobs! You can't have too many.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Fine post Tim. I really like seeing Emporium interior shots. You don't see them to often.

And besides, Obama... Oh never mind! LOL. No more debates. Have a great weekend. I think I know where you guys are all headed.

Anonymous said...

Look at the Vacationland cover and consider the timing needed to get the bobsled to splash just as the monorail came round, not too far, not too short...but just right.

Do you think they parked it? or is it photoshop ala 1963?

Katella Gate said...

Anon: yes, I think you're right. I don't see any guests in this picture, just two employees and the models in the Matterhorn car.

My guess the photo was taken on a "closed" day in the morning. The photographer planted his camera, they parked the Monorail, and this "Family" went around a dozen times so that they could pick the photo with the right smiles and splash for the cover.