Monday, September 28, 2009

High and Dry with the Yachtsmen

Check back tomorrow for Magazine Monday. Today is Souvenir Monday and tomorrow will be Magazine Tuesday because I’ve been jamming to the tunes of the Yachtsmen and they are so wonderful I had to share it.

From the early 1960's it's time to get “High and Dry with the Yachtsmen”. Looks like Natures Wonderland at Disneyland! It sure is a fun picture! I like how Ray Gordon (on bass) is looking ahead. Here's some great photos of the gents in action at Disneyland on Major's super blog (link).

Did you know Tommy Walker discovered them?

This Buena Vista Long Playing Microgroove Unbreakable Record has held up well for being almost 50 years old. A black label on a black record makes this scan pretty useless but here it is anyway.

In case you’ve never heard the Yachtsmen (like me) you probably have no idea what they sound like. Here’s the title track “High and Dry”. It’s cool and growing on me quickly.

Track 4 “Erie Canal” is a fun tune that’s supposed to be about sailors working on the Erie Canal but sounds more like a song about getting gin? Maybe I got the wrong track? Oh well, I like it!

If anyone has a strong desire to hear another track, let me know which one and I'll toss it in on the next Bonus Sunday.


Pegleg Pete said...

Thanks for the groovy post today. Can we hear 'Sinner Man' on Sunday please?

Brittney said...

What a great post!! Thanks for posting the tracks too. I LOVE how they're using their guitar and banjo as paddles in the boat pic! HAHAHA

Major Pepperidge said...

Very cool, I didn't know that they had an album! Nice harmonies, particularly in the "Erie Canal" song. My dad would dig this, he was a big Kingston Trio fan!

outsidetheberm said...

What a nice treat. Shades of the 'Limelighters'. Their voices have a deeper, more mature resonance than imagined. Wonder where their careers took them... And where are they today?

Julie Hall said...

This is absolutely my all time favorite group! Thank you so much for posting this...

FYI... on the cover, RAY JORDAN (it is mis-spelled on the jacket.) is "rowing" with his banjo, which he still has... on the back cover he is on bass... How do I know? I'm his oldest daughter!
The guys had a small reunion last summer in Orange County (sadly, Disney wasn't interested.) Most of the guys stay in touch. Ray Jordan is still singing in the Hill Country of Texas... in his church choir and several other "close harmony" driven groups.
Thank you all for your interest in some of my favorite guys!
Julie Hall

Carl Berg said...

I'm Carl Berg the leader of the Yachtsmen Quartet. I was sent this blog by one of my music students. Thank you for remembering this group. We had such talented members. We also were in a Disney movie called "Those Callaways" performed in Paris France at the Casino de Paris for 2 yrs, performed in las vegas and were part of another recording produced by Jack Linkletter. Overall it was a terrific group and I was proud to be part of it.
Carl Berg

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Julie! WOW, thanks for all the information - Ray still has that Banjo, boy that warms my heart! Too bad Disney does not see the value in this band.

HI CARL! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog - We've really enjoyed your music and involvement with Disneyland. I'm going to get "Those Callaways" looks like its on DVD.

Paris and Vegas, you guys are world famous! I sure wish Disney would honor your group, a Window on Main Street Maybe? Thanks again!

Kevin said...

I'm Kevin Shipman from the Yachtsmen. Like Carl, I want to thank you for your warm recollections of our group. If you would like see some more sights and sounds of the Yachtsmen you can find us at YouTube -
I hope you enjoy the retrospective.
PS Carl was an amazing leader, musical arranger and just a great guy to share some magical years with.

Anonymous said...

Carl and Kevin... Lots of great memories, especially the summer of '66 when I visited the Casino de Paris, met Russian circus performers at Kevin's apartment and got lost on the way to Le Bourget with Scott's girlfriend! find me at laotzu41 at yahoo. Michael Sheehan

Anonymous said...

I am Jay Huling and it is good
to know that people are still enjoying The Yachtsmen!
The journey has been a good one and being part of the group was wonderful.
The best to all of you and to Folk Music!

Nancy Yoho said...

I am with the Long Beach City College Alumni Association and we recently learned of The Yachtsmen and their association with LBCC. We would like to know what the members of the band have been doing since their days with The Yachtsmen, what they are doing now and where they are living. Any information would be helpful. You can email me at Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hi Carl, I'm Cindy Kennan, Bill Reed was my beloved uncle. and his last few years I started to ask him questions about his journey with the Yachtsmen.. on his good days, he could tell me some great stories, as well as the real reason he had to leave the Yachtsmen, which was sad indeed. What I was wondering was did he get to go to Paris with you, or was she out of the group by then?
Hope this finds you well! you probably don't remember, but I was the one that stood up and said thank you Uncle Bill when you played get along home Cindy Cindy! I don't know if it's true but he told me it was for me.
Warm wishes Cindy Kennan

Unknown said...

He - not she, sorry