Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Truckin Magazine - July 1975

Welcome to Magazine Monday (on Tuesday). Digging down in the obscure pile, from July 1975 its Truckin Magazine. Trucking was all the rage in the mid 1970’s so much that it even crept into Disneyland!

1,210 Vans at Disneyland! Neat parking lot photo. $5 for parking, admission and unlimited attractions was the deal for Truck Day. I wish I had one of those tickets! Looks like the Matterhorn was out of service.

Fun times at the awards ceremony. Hey, those guys need hair cuts.

The advertisements are focused on the Trucker audience with Hedman Hedders and an ad for the upcoming 1975 Street Machine/Van Nationals held at the Iowa State fair grounds.

Isn’t she pretty, oh the lady is pretty too…

This comic is on the back cover and frankly I just don’t get it, then again, I’ve only owned one truck in my life and it was a Nissan!


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, that magazine is SO 1970's! For some reason I imagine that I can smell pot as I look at the pages. But that's just me!!

Katella Gate said...

What a 1970's time capsule, right down to the "keep on truckin'" pose in the last panel of the cartoon.

Anonymous said...

I used to buy this magazine, so I am really enjoying this.

Still have my truck.

Plastic Card said...

Hope it is more attractive than it's fabulous cover...... Scratch Card
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Lucky Brewer said...

I have this mag

Lucky Brewer said...

I have this mag