Friday, September 11, 2009

The Disneyland Story - 1975

This booklet from 1975 titled “The Disneyland Story” talks about the past 20 years, the current state of the park and the future. I’m guessing this was for cast members or someone other than guests, there is some dry employment stuff within the exciting pages.

Here’s a few pages I scanned for today’s post, come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire booklet. A few of the photos are done in this weird half-tone style, I don’t really like it, focus please!

A look backstage shows how the magic is spun. I do love those mid-70’s line drawings…

This look into The Third Decade is fascinating. A “Pinocchio” dark ride, that will never happen! Also for Fantasyland a simulated attraction based on “Fantasia” – that would have been neat. A raft journey through an all-new “Primeval Worldwow, I've never heard of that before. Oh, and a thing called “Thunder Mesa” “could be added”.

The back pages have tons of charts, here’s one Walt would be proud of.

Some nice mid-70’s color photos on the back cover. Every time I see the Country Bears I missed them more!


Major Pepperidge said...

Very cool, I especially love the mention of "things to come" that never happened. This is the first time I have heard of the raft journey through a new Primeval World. And "Thunder Mesa" for Disneyland? Presumably different from the one intended for Florida that was never built. Fascinating!

Vaughn said...

Thunder Mesa must be Big Thunder Mtn. I want to go on the Primeval World rafts!

Anonymous said...

The "New Primeval World" on rafts was an attraction planed for Discovery probabaly would have had a differnt name had it been built. A Rendering of this appears on PAGE 158 of DISNEYLAND THEN, NOW, AND FOREVER under "unbuilt" attractions. The Pinnochio Dark Ride was first announced as being planned for Disneyland in 1974. There were plans to create a Pinocchio Village facade to replace the old Fantasyland Theater.this Village would run all the way to the Skyway Challet(later it was also proposed as part of Dumbo Circus to have been build where Videopolis was placed. The Village DID happen almost in the exact location. I think once Dumbo Circusland got the axe, the NEW FANSTASYLAND got the gohead. A Fantasyland remodel was announced to shareholders in 1973. Thunder Mesa was the complex planned for Walt Disney World that would have held a runaway mine train and the famnous unbuilt Western River Expedition ---"The Wester River Expedition" was mainly planed for WDW and for a very short time for Disneyland, and later for Tokyo Disneyland. So someone at Disneyland University was probably refering to what was the train portion. It's sad the Western River Expedition never was built at WDW --Marc Davis told me once the reason he retired from WED when he did was that he was tired of sitting around designing things no one had any intention of ever building. I know the axed plans for Western River were always a very sore subject for him. -Enjoyed haning out with you and Jason at the park that day--we have to do it again! -Mike Cozart

TokyoMagic! said...

" unbroken chain of creativity and imagination..."

Sorry, but I think that chain has since been broken many times. Examples: Light Magic, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, Innoventions, Rocket Rods, the Pooh ride, California Adventure....I'll just stop there.