Monday, February 6, 2012

Tokyo Disneyland Magic Kingdom Club Ticket Book - 1983

Now that my Jury Duty is finally over its time to get back to blogging! (Fyi - Guilty!). Here's an unusual ticket book from Tokyo Disneyland. Its rare enough being from the year the park opened, 1983, but its also a "Magic Kingdom Club" all "E's" ticket book. It looks like Tokyo had the "club" from the very begging.

"Ticketed Attractions" - Was "WesternLand" really called that because there was no literal translation in Japanese?

3,500 Yen, that's, well, I don't know, is that good deal?

If you'd like to see an early Tokyo Disneyland Guidebook, checkout my post from 2009 here (link).


hellokitt9 said...

That is so very cool!! I wonder if Americans with a Magic Kingdom club card could have used it in Japan?

Major Pepperidge said...

Cool that it is from the opening year. Guess these weren't made by Globe?!

Anonymous said...

3,500¥ is about $35 (at least, these days).

Anonymous said...

The '80s weren't kind to the Yen... in 1985 (Showa 60), the exchange rate was at ¥240 to the dollar, so that was ~$14.50.

Also, not sure why they chose Westernland... the Japanese ウエスタンランド is in katakana, which is used for transliteration of English, so it's not even "translated" per se, so Frontierland would have worked just as well.

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