Friday, September 23, 2011

Walt Disney Word - Lake Buena Vista 2 Day Ticket Book - 1976

As Walt Disney World’s 40th birthday inches closer we’ve got yet another Disney World post. From September 1976 this “voided” ticket book was an “exclusive” offer from “Lake Buena Vista Motor Inn Plaza”, looks like the Inn was a pretty hip place (link).

Starting with the back of the ticket book we’ve got a “OK” rendering of the Motor Inn Plaza (I guess that's what it is?) and we see a fine value for $12 – 2 days admission plus 16 adventures in the magic Kingdom, why I’d say it’s a $20.10 value!

The front of the ticket book has a transportation ticket for each day.

Next up main gate admission tickets for two days.

The “Welcome Message”.

Gulf brings you the Walt Disney Story.

The Tickets – too bad they are all stamped “VOID”!

Walt Disney World’s attraction list was finally growing by 1976 – Tomorrowland looks awesome!

Looking ahead to Bonus Sunday here’s few pages of the Walt Disney World Vacationland - Summer 1976


TokyoMagic! said...

I love the Dorthea Redmond and Mary Blair murals! Tokyo Disneyland has duplicates of the Cinderella Castle mosaics. I wish Disneyland's Tomorrowland still had it's two Mary Blair murals! Maybe during the next Tomorrowland rehab, they can be replaced?

Major Pepperidge said...

The article about the tile murals is especially good.

I wonder why they stamped ticket books with the word "void"? You'd think that if they were obsolete, they would have just trashed them. I'm glad they saved them, though!

JG said...

I want this tile mural article, thank you!


Unknown said...

I have similar ticket books, but no void stamp. They are listed on back as $7.25 for adult admission.