Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vacationland Cover Comparison

Looking back at last Sunday's post, a couple of readers commented that the cover looked familiar yet something was different. Here's the cover from Sunday's post from the Spring 1974 issue of Walt Disney World's Vacationland.

Looking at that cover got me thinking about the cover to the Fall-Winter 1981/82 of Disneyland's Vacationland. While not the same artist, the idea is pretty much the same - "Where's Waldo?"!

Download the entire issue here:

Vacationland Fall/Winter 1981-82 – 68.5mb

Adventures in Peter Pan Country” Better catch those adventures while you can, this whole area, ship, skull and all, would be gone in less than a year (link).


Major Pepperidge said...

I've been looking for Waldo for thee hours, and still haven't found him. Damn you, Waldo!

JG said...

Major, he's wearing mouse ears, not a striped hat. Lower left...(just kidding).

This new magazine is great too!
Wonderful shot of Skull Rock, VDT. thanks for this.

It is the other cover I remember, maybe I tuned out the content since it was all Florida, and we never went there.


Unknown said...

I have a scan of the map from the Pirates of the Caribbean book here:

JG said...

@George, Thank You! I used to have a copy of that book, with a different cover, maybe a later edition.

That must be where I remember the cover drawing.