Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Disneyland - February 1964

Time for yet another “Two Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Disneyland" parking lot brochure. You can see a few of my previous “Two Wonderful Ways” posts here (link) or see a boat load of them over at Stuff From the Park here (link).

This February 1964 version has an unusual map of the parking lot, an aerial photo! I’m thinking that photo is older than 1964?

The Deluxe 15 Ticket Book for an adult was still a great deal for just $4.95

Those pesky winter hours….

Looking ahead to Bonus Sunday here’s the cover to the Fall 1964 edition of Vacationland.

A great article on how Disneyland was also intended for “upper age bracket, over fifty citizens” with Main Street being an authentic re-creation of a town they grew up in. It’s odd that Main Street no longer has that effect on anyone or hardly anyone. Seems reason enough to “re-create” some vintage Disneyland so the next generation of “over fifty citizens” can have a similar experience - give us some of our balloons back!

I don’t know much about Arthur Godfrey, but he seemed like a nice man and that rack of Dolly Madison cakes sure looks yummy!


Connie Moreno said...

How my mouth watered whenever I had the opportunity to choose my own ticket book size!!! LOL

Thufer said...

Love me the aerial of the parking lot.

Major Pepperidge said...

Neat, I've never seen that one with the parking lot view before!