Monday, September 21, 2009

Popular Mechanics - December 1966

Welcome to Magazine Monday. In yesterdays post of “The Disney World”, there was a reference to an upcoming December 1966 Popular Mechanics article with Fred MacMurray on the cover. Since its Monday and it’s a magazine, here the article along with a few vintage advertisements. True this not a Disneyland article, but I couldn't resist the link to “The Disney World”.

For those who now hate me for bringing Christmas to your computer even before Disney, sorry and please keep your pitch-forks and torches to a minimum…

Walt Disney’s Christmas Mobile, which was “created expressly for Popular Mechanics readers by the world famous Disney Studios” looks simple enough to build.

Still looks pretty easy, I could even handle this part.

This part is a little more involved and might require some actual ability to draw or at least trace really well.

Here’s your template for the colors, stay in the lines!

Page 190 has the rest of the text.

December 1966 has some slick advertisements. I always enjoy my Miller High Life in my suit and tie by candled light served by pearl wearing pretty ladies.

The great impostor. The Lemans came in many flavors; basic sedan, GTO, “Sport”, “Luxury” but the rarest of them all is the “Sprint”. It had an overhead cam straight six that revved high and was small V-8 fast. I recall passing up one of these in the early ‘80’s for $350 because it didn’t have a V-8!

7-UP is ready the Holiday’s.

The Jeep is ready for winter too, “for the fun of it”.


Major Pepperidge said...

As much as I like Disney characters, I don't think that this is the setup I would want in my yard for Christmas...that thing is 12 feet tall! They actually want you to put spotlights on the cutout characters. Just a little too much like a big advertisement; but it's a fun article!

sb-illustrations said...

Greetings....Any chance of knowing what was continued on page 190? Thee reference is on the fifth image. Thanks for the posts & all your effort!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hey Major, Have you seen some of the stuff at "Candy Cane Lane"? I think Disney Execs live at a few of those houses!

Sb: I updated the post with page 190, thanks, I totally missed that!