Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Disneyland Press Packet - 1991

Is 1991 vintage? Since it's almost 20 years ago I say “sure”. Here’s a fun filled Disneyland press packet from 1991 that is bursting at the seams with useless facts, figures and details, just the kind of dry reading I truly enjoy. The pretty cover has some nice stock photos, I love the couple on the Carrousel, they’re having so much fun they get four squares!

The Best ways to see Disneyland”. Annual Passports $180, I’ll take one those.

That’s right, Mickey is Still Number One!

Now that Mickey has your attention, here are all the facts about his park. Notice on page four they refer to July 17, 1955 as “Day One”.

Splash Mountain was the latest and greatest thing at Disneyland, how about a color photo from May 2009 (link).

Star Tours was a fairly new kid on the block in 1991. I can not wait for the Star Tours 2.0, it’s a little overdue but very welcomed.

Afternoon Live at Disneyland” – Yawn, this whole promotion did nothing for me except keep the Motor Boat Cruise alive for just a little while longer.

For some color, here’s the back cover.

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Major Pepperidge said...

I am VERY curious about the updated Star Tours... we've all heard about the 3-D effects, which is nice and all. But simulator rides are everywhere now, so I hope it's more than just the 3-D thing!

I love the various facts: Disneyland has 45,000 sprinkler heads, sells 4 million hamburgers a year, and produces 12 million pounds of trash!

sb-illustrations said...

Thanks for adding page 190 to yesterdays post!!

Katella Gate said...

That's an address you'll never forget.. 1313 Harbor Blvd.