Friday, October 3, 2008

VERSATEL Service Days at Disneyland

Come celebrate VERSATEL Service Days at Disneyland, October 3rd thru the October 31st, 1984.

How many of us remember the "VERSATEL" machines from the early 1980's? I sure do, they seemed like magic to me and when I got my first "auto deposit" I celebrating never having to "enter" the bank again!...

I tried in vain to get some information or photos from the web on the original Versatel systems, but it seems all references to the Versatel system have been expunged from the web, odd. At one time "Versatel" (or "Versateller" as we used to call them) was the defatco word for ATM machines, in fact, we never used the term "ATM" until the 90's. Since I no longer bank with B of A, do they still have "Versatel" ATM Machines?

Also from 1984 here is the cover to the 3rd version of the 1984 "Your Souvenir Guide". I posted the entire 2nd version here (link). The first 1984 version (Castle on the front) will get posted in the future, I gotta save some stuff!

And as a teaser to get you to come back on Bonus Sunday, here is the Map from the 3rd edition Disneyland Guide.

Come back Sunday for the entire guide.

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Matt said...

Wow, where do you find all these special event tickets? I had no idea so many different ones were printed...these days I'm sure Disney wouldn't go to so much trouble...