Friday, October 10, 2008

Disneyland Folk Festival October 10 & 11, 1981

It's time for a Folk Festival at Disneyland on October 10 & 11, 1981. Did you know: “The theme song for Gilligan's Island (music by George Wyle, lyrics by Sherwood Schwartz) was done in a folk-like character, and in fact is written in a traditional folk mode (modes are a type of musical scale); the mode of "Gilligan's Island" is ambiguous between Dorian and Aeolian. The lyrics begin with the traditional folk device in which the singer invites his hearers to listen to the tale that follows. Moreover, two of the stanzas repeat the final short line, a common device in English folk stanzas. However, the raising of the key by a semitone with each new verse is an unmistakable trait of commercial music and never occurred in the original folk tradition.”

So just sit right back and tell you a tale…

Since all I know about folk music is in the above paragraph I that copied from Wikipedia, I have no idea if these are “Folk” performers or not, but I would guess they are.

Small World Character Parade, I bet that looked weird. The park closes at 7pm on a Saturday night? Private party afterwards maybe?

From September 1980 and as a shout out to Mike over at “Jungle is 101” blog (link), here is a great “C” ticket. Mike just did a super post about the “C” ticket and “the pit” in New Orleans Square, be sure to check out his blog.

This “C” ticket was the last ticket in this book and yes I tore it out for this post. It made that wonderful “zip” sound that’s been bottled up for 28 years.

An insanely grand attraction lineup, you’ll find me on American Sings, Adventure thru Inner Space, then the PeopleMover, then I'd do them all again!

$8.50 seems like a great deal even in 1980, it is a $14.20 value you know!


TokyoMagic! said...

The Small World Character Parade wasn't as weird as it might sound. I think in the 60's, one of the DL Christmas parades used super large Small World Dolls and THOSE were kind of freaky. The Small World Character Parade was just a short cavalcade of Disney characters...some of them were dressed in costumes from differnt countries. The floats for this parade were all identical with the exception of the bandstand float that Mickey rode on. I've just posted three pics of this parade on my blog....just for you, VDLT! Keep up the great work. I'm a fan!

The Viewliner Limited said...

Two of my all-time favorites, The We Five and The Limeliters. Man this brings back memories. All good. Thanks Tim.

Major Pepperidge said...

The Kingston Trio was huge in the folk era... I have an appointment book from my grandmother, circa 1962, and it says that she and my grandpa went to see the trio perform!

Gary Muledeer, he was a standup comedian I'm pretty sure. Odd that he's listed as a folk performer.

Disneyland closing at 7, that would be very disappointing!

Chris Jepsen said...

Gotta love the Kingston Trio! I've seen them perform live several times, and I've always been the youngest guy in the audience. I've never understood why folk music didn't retain a big following like other genres of that era.

walterworld said...

I don't see the Motor Boat Cruise listed with the other attractions. Was it closed for a time back then?

And I agree with Chris, it's too bad that folk music didn't last. It would have been surreal to see The Kingston Trio on the Space Stage!

Mike said...

Vintage! Thanks for the C-Ticket shout! You know I sent folks your way with that post! As always, you've got a high class establishment here. "Jungle is 101" makes it up as it goes along!

Let's have the Kingston Trio come back and perform at the Tahitian Terrace! Then we'll all head over to Adventure Thru Inner Space, the Peoplemover and the rest of grand old Tomorrowland!