Sunday, December 2, 2012

Disneyland Employee Family Holiday Passes - 1981 vs. 1982

Welcome to the Holiday season here on the blog.  Yes its been almost two months since my last post, life has a way of, well, you know, getting in the way of fun stuff.  While I continue to regroup my vintage collection of goodies for 2013, I thought I'd rebroadcast some holiday favorites this month. If you've seen these posts before, just pretend they are new, if the are new to you then lets just say these are "new" posts.  

******* Originally posted December 2, 2008 ********

It’s time to ring in some Holiday Cheer with a couple of fun Disneyland Employee Family Holiday Passes.

At first glance these two “Holiday Pass” cards look virtually the same, with the year and specific dates being the only change. In fact, I have several of these (1978, 79 & 80) and they are all basically the same.

The 1981 Pass is Reusable” and “Good daily from Dec. 2 thru Dec. 18, 1981

The 1982 pass is “Good for one visit only” and “Good from Dec. 1 thru Dec. 17, 1982". The reason for the change in 1982 was because the “lettered tickets” had been phased out earlier in the year in favor of the all for one Passport. The previous family passes were good for multiple visits because you had to buy attraction tickets to do the good stuff, so why not come back many times and spend more $$$.

By 1982 these Holiday Passes had a whole new value, since getting thru the gate was now the key to the Magic Kingdom and all the rides you can ride! Either way these passes are fun and a neat thing for Disney to do for its employees.

It's the holiday season
So whoop de doo and dickory dock
It's time to go and hang up your sock.


Snow White Archive said...

Nice comparison between the two.

TokyoMagic! said...

I probably commented on these before....but I'll do it again. :-) I was given two of the 1981 passes when I worked in Fantasy On Parade that year. I want to say that the passes also got us a discount on merchandise, but since it doesn't say that on the pass.....and it was 31 years ago, I'm not 100% sure. I'll have to see if I still have the letter that came with the passes explaining the benefits.