Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Year's at Disneyland - Various Years

We've got a bunch of New Year's at Disneyland tickets for your review today.

Happy New Year Everyone! First up is this GIANT Disneyland Team 2000 commemorative passport just barely breaks my "if it starts with a 19 its vintage" rule, but just by one day! Here's the ticket in its envelope, can you tell whats inside?

This ticket is unnecessarily huge measuring in at 13 3/4" by 4". I'm convinced they made them in these giant sizes so that you'd be embarrassed to use them!

When I first got this ticket I thought "Wow, Cynthia Harriss signed it" but upon closer inspection her signature appears to be printed on the ticket. Here's the big question, would this ticket be worth more or less if she actually signed it?

Now lets go back to 1975 - a Mickey Mouse Watch and a cool fireworks silhouette.

From 1978, this pair of tickets shows it saves (2 bucks) to purchase tickets in advance!

Here's a fun ticket to Disneyland's New Year's Eve Party December 31, 1977. This complimentary ticket was never used, too bad, that must have been a grand night! Open till 2:30 AM, nice! I hear Disneyland will be open till 2am this New Year's Eve, that's got to be weird being at the park that late, you'd find me sleeping somewhere warm & quiet....

Free Complimentary Parking.

1977 Flyer:

Minnie Riperton and MECO of "Star Wars Disco" - Sweet!

Now for your guide book to match the season, here's the Fall/Winter 1977(78) Disneyland Guide Book. No waiting for Bonus Sunday for the complete guide, it was posted a while back, here's the link.

Complete Disneyland Guide Book Fall/Winter 1977

The brand new Space Mountain on the cover, while the large palm trees in Tomorrowland look nice, I never understood how they fit the futuristic theme?

Back when Disneyland ROCKED!


Major Pepperidge said...

I love those old "gate guides", part of me wants to try to find EVERY variation - at least through the '70's.

JG said...

This is great, right in my zone. But the map graphics were the worst EVAR.

Still, so much fun to go over those familiar pages.

Thank you.