Monday, December 3, 2012

GLASS Family Nite at Disneyland - December 3, 1976

******* Originally posted December 3, 2008 *******

The night you've been waiting for has finally arrived; it’s Family Nite at Disneyland December 3, 1976. Sponsored by the GLASS “Greater Los Angeles Sunday School Assn.”  Wouldn't that be GLASSA? Oh well, close enough.

This ticket is odd in that it’s actually two tickets but only the stubs have perforations to separate the stubs from the main tickets, the two main tickets are just one big ticket.  Since these gave you unlimited use of all Disneyland attractions, did you have to stick together or tear this thing in half if you wanted to go alone? Or since this was a "Private Party" did you need this ticket at all once you were inside the park?

The back sure looks like it should be two separate tickets? How many people drive by themselves to Disneyland? Oh wait, I do that a lot!

This post needs some Christmas Color Cheer, here’s a great Whitman Frame-Tray Puzzle” from 1956. These are big (11 ½'” by 14 ½”) and made from heavy duty cardboard that’s remained in decent shape for being 52 years old, pretty amazing since this puzzle looks to have been used a few times.

Happy” looks like he ditched the rest of the dwarfs to be in this puzzle, is he riding one of Santa’s Reindeer on a pole? The artwork is so cute in this puzzle, everything is fun except Santa’s face is sort of scary, he looks like he is up to something and it’s not necessarily good…

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WELCOME BACK! You were missed!