Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's Eve at Disneyland 1967 - LP by Pepsi

****** Originally posted December 31, 2009 *******

It’s New Year’s Eve at Disneyland, presented by your local Pepsi-Cola Bottler. This LP was produced by Pepsi for Radio Station use. It’s also (scream it with me) “undated” but I would place it at 1967 based on, among other things, a mention of "Sunday" as New Year's Eve.

Be sure to download both sides of the LP and play it as you celebrate tonight, its one-half hour of musical fun and excitement.

Here’s a 30 second promo that’s on the first side of the record before the actual show:

30 second promo

The LP is devoid of any actual information of what’s on the record itself. This was hand written on the inner sleeve.

Side one is a real Humdinger (Dedicated to Jason!). The version of "Sunny" is unique, I like it...

New Year’s at Disneyland Side 1 – 10mb

Side two is the better of the two sides, starts with Pirates (in their “Pirates Lair”!) moves on to some great Firehouse 5 plus 2 tunes, then some super Golden Horseshoe singing.

New Year’s at Disneyland Side 2 – 10mb

My copy of this LP is blank on the back cover, but there's a copy for sale on Ebay right now (link) that has this information on the back cover. I suppose if you work in radio this makes sense.

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