Friday, December 21, 2012

Disneyland Lines - Christmas Editions

******* Originally posted December 12, 2009 ****** 

Welcome to a special Holiday post featuring a few Disneyland Line’s from holiday’s past. The Disneyland Line was (is?) a weekly publication for Disneyland employees.

In reverse chronological order, up first is the December 22, 1994 edition with a wonderful cover photo of the Candlelight celebration. I saw the setup for this last week; it still looks pretty much the same except that parking lot in the background is gone…

Complete Disneyland Line – December 22, 1994

For those who don’t know where the idea of Mistletoe and Christmas Trees came from, here are some answers.

Next from December 23, 1982 this issue had a super cover.

Complete Disneyland Line – December 23, 1982

The inside cover is actually the real cover.

You'll have to download the entire issue to find out who these people are.

December 22, 1977 has some gift giving on the cover…

Complete Disneyland Line – December 22, 1977

A Very Merry Christmas Party.

And last up for today, December 10, 1971. These Lines are just Xerox copies stapled together, but still lots of fun to read.

Complete Disneyland Line – December 10, 1971

Non-permanent employees are out of luck, maybe you’ll get a sack of coal as a consolation prize?


Major Pepperidge said...

I love that illustration... it must be from the 1940's, since there is nothing pictured that is newer than Bambi (which came out in 1942). So many details for the fans of Disney animation...!

Best of all... I've never seen it before!!

Anonymous said...

Great post. And What The Major Said.

Thank you.