Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Time is Fun Time at Disneyland - December 1975

****** Originally posted December 22, 2010 ******

Holiday Time is Fun Time at Disneyland! This undated flyer is most likely from 1975, possibly 1976 but the dates seem to suggest 1975.

A Special Christmas Edition of "America on Parade" - I might even hang around for that one! Nice pirate ship and interesting skull in the Fantasyland section. Is that a star on the top of the Matterhorn and do you think it turns?

This cover to the Winter 1975 Disneyland Backstage magazine is sure busy. This style of art always gave me the creeps when I was a kid - it still does.

Is the cabin smoldering?

Space Mountain was still a year and a half away, I always love seeing this concept art.

Here's come concept art that I'm not familiar with - nice!

From the "Creative Ideas that never made it" department.

Interesting article, come back on Bonus Sunday to read the rest.

The last page has this photo - I guess you add your own caption.

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Major Pepperidge said...

I still think Space Mountain is one of the best attractions in Tomorrowland; In early concept art, they show the track going outside the "cone", which is cool, but I think it is definitely better that they keep you inside (or in "space") the whole time.