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New Years at Disneyland - December 31, 1981

******* Originally posted December 29, 2008 *******

There’s only three days to the New Year? How did that happen so quickly? That must mean it’s time for “New Year’s at Disneyland”. December 31, 1981. Mickey and Minnie look ready to celebrate the New Year in style!

The Manhattan Transfer!!! Boy was I a fool not to attend on this occasion. I love The Manhattan Transfer; I still play my 45 of Manhattan Transfer’s “Twilight Zone” from 1979. You can buy the song for a penny here (link). Kool & the Gang at the Space Stage in Tomorrowland most likely singing their 1980 hit Celebration, wow this was quite a night!

This post needs some color so here’s the cover to the Fall/Winter 1981-82 Vacationland. This is one of my favorite “modern” era Vacationland covers, Charles Boyer had a unique and vibrant way of capturing the Disneyland Spirit.

The whole gang is aboard; I always wondered if that Hut thing on stilts can support people, I guess it can.

Come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire issue, there’s a great article “Adventures in Peter Pan Country” featuring a soon to be gone pirate ship.  (Scroll down for entire issue)

Vacationland Fall/Winter 1981-82 – 68.5mb

Adventures in Peter Pan Country” Better catch those adventures while you can, this whole area, ship, skull and all, will be gone in less than a year (link).

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