Friday, May 10, 2013

Summer at Disneyland, It's Totally Hot - 1986

Summer is almost here at Disneyland and for 1986 It's Total Hot!  See Minnie's new parade "Totally Minnie", Dance at Videopolis!, Enjoy the Main Street Electrical Parade and "Fantasy in the Sky" fireworks.  1986 sure seems like a long time ago...


Eric Scales said...

Wow! That's a version of Minnie's face that I've never seen. I wonder if it was ever used in the Park. I seem to remember photos of Totally Minnie in a parade or something, but I know it was the same mask that they were using in the early/mid 80's. This one definitely has some appeal though.

Bearride - Raymond said...

Like, Totally Minnie was tubular! You could, like, still get prizes from the bitchin Gift Giver Extraordinaire left over from the 30th. lol.
I remember this parade and someplace I have a pic of her in this costume.

Major Pepperidge said...

Minnie is showing way too much skin!

Anonymous said...

Remember the Totally Minnie trash can? This was around the time they did "Disneyland State Fair", "Blast To The Past" and "Circus Fantasy" with the "Globe of Death" in the hub.

Patricia Carter said...

I am definitely looking forward to summer vacation and going to Disneyland...
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