Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Operation Desert Shield Family Holiday Party - December 11, 1990

****** Originally posted December 11, 2008 *******

Operation Desert Shield Family Holiday Party December 11, 1990. I am hoping these were free to all the men and women who served in Operation Desert Shield, no price listed leads me to believe these were complementary.

By 1990 the “Your Souvenir Guides” seem to be published only twice a year, with no “Season” listed on the front. This is the cover to the second edition for 1990 (printed 6/90). That looks like a weird and creepy parade.

Nice colorful map, ah the “Main Entrance Mall” in the north end of the parking lot.

“The Disney Afternoon Premiers this Fall”. “Healthier Food Alternatives” some of these sound delicious. I want the teriyaki chicken at the Tahitian Terrace.

Come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire guide.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nice, I'm glad if they were generous enough to let people who risk their lives for us in for free.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Afternoon Avenue. My kids were mesmerized by that.

I think this dates from their first trip, somewhere around this time anyway.

Interesting to see the progression of healthier food choices. I remember that was a real problem for us when the kids were so small.

Great post, thank you.


Anonymous said...

You know, the more I look at that brochure, the more familiar it feels.

It's either the one from my kids first trip, or just after it.

Very cool indeed.

Thanks Again.


Anonymous said...

Hi All,
I have a, what I am presuming to be, a Disneyland Employee Ticket Binder, from 1975ish. This binder contains 20 pages of stuff ranging from from Ticket Revenue sheets and to Full packs of Unused Ticket books. Everything is punched with a "VOID" punch. The binder includes 20 pages of stuff. I sent photos to the email address on this site. Just wondering if anyone can tell me anything about this binder. I got it back in the 80's at a garage sale (I presume the garage saler was an employee of Disneyland)and haven't thought much about it until I was digging through an old box of memorabilia, looking for an old book, and found this again. Any info is much appreciated:) Thanks:)