Monday, August 6, 2012

Disneyland Courtesy Book - 1981

Recalling my recent post about the last Disneyland Ticket Book ever sold (link) I thought it would be fun to post the last “Courtesy Guest” ticket books that were produced. There *could* be books made later, but I’ve never seen them.  These September 1981 5 Adventures in Disneyland “Courtesy Guest” ticket books were pretty plentiful for a while, they must have printed a lot of them.

These final books combined the old light blue “Welcome” sheet and the yellow “Walt Disney Story” sheet into one little panel on the left side of the front sheet along with the first of five “Courtesy Tickets”.

It’s taken me over a decade to warm up to these little tickets; they are so small they just don’t seem right, even though they are good on any attraction, making them effectively little “E” tickets.  The printing however is first class, that classic and special “Vintage Disneyland Tickets” purple ink is as vivid as ever, the castle graphics can’t be held responsible for being in the early 80’s, and the Globe Safety paper is rich, thick and crisp, so I’ve become fan of these after all.

Amazing attraction list, America Sings just jumped out at me along with a flood of awesome memories, it’s pure sacrilege that they removed that attraction!  The children under seven notice is just weird. I get that little kids shouldn’t be on the Skyway or the Matterhorn without an adult, but is it really ok to have four year olds boarding a submarine or flying to Mars without an adult?  Come to think of it, should a four year old be on ANY attraction without an adult? 

What’s the price for these tickets? There’s no price on this book, for goodness sake, you’re a “Courtesy Guest”…


Major Pepperidge said...

I still regret selling my two Courtesy Guest ticket books. What the hell was I thinking?!

Justin Trujillo said...

I have a full book of these lil guys... who wants them

Unknown said...

I still have two full books. When I spoke with customer service at Disneyland I was told that they would still honor these. One of these days I'll make my way back.