Monday, March 21, 2011

TV Radio Mirror Magazine - December 1954

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Today’s featured magazine from December 1954 is certainly one of the oldest Disneyland related articles posted here. In fact, this magazine is so old its focus is Radio and TV hence the name “TV Radio Mirror

The four page Disneyland article is mainly about the TV show, which of course was mainly about the new park. I want the model that Kirk Douglas is examining!

Here’s each page scanned separately, enjoy this vintage look at Disneyland, I did!

So that’s what Peggy Lee used to look like.

Steve Allen had all the scoops.

Wow, a guide for network Radio stations, this look alien to me.

Everything a man could want 1954 style.

“Father Knows Best” think it will make it?

Just finish this limerick and you could win a TV; Two children who lived in Cathy became uncontrollably gay; the cause of their glee was a show on TV, _________________ you fill in the last line, seriously.

Hair spray with no Lacquer? I’m not interested unless it contains lacquer or epoxy.

Only one comment here: “Hurt me baby, make me write bad checks”.

Neat art work.

The short haired lady look so familiar?


Matt said...

I think the short haired lady looks like Jane Weidlin from the GoGos.

Major Pepperidge said...

Jane Weidlin had ears that stuck out more!

Just think, Disneyland was probably mostly dirt at this point. $9 million? I think it wound up costing a lot more than that! "Recreation Land"? "Mickey Mouse Island"?? That's what I love about these early articles!

Connie Moreno said...

Wow! That was great! (Said in Tony the Tiger voice!)