Monday, January 10, 2011

Newsweek - July 12, 1965

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Today's we've got a great edition of Newsweek from July 12, 1965.

The Disneyland article is only 3 pages long but its well written and informative. Also mentions of Freedomland and Colorado's Magic Mountain.

Disney tries to discourage long lines at popular rides by raising the price!

Nice interest rate from El Dorado Savings.

A little bit of Alice history for the Alice fans out there.

Now for some vintage advertisements. Who can forget Quinine Water (Malaria victims most likely) - blue tinted bitter soda water, sign me up!

By 1965 Rambler had some decent looking modern styled cars such as this Classic Station Wagon looking very similar to a 1965 Chevelle!

I had a 1965 Sedan De Ville that I bought from the original owner with 55,000 miles on it - I sold it in 1983 for $250 because it needed brakes and I clearly needed my head examined! It was a big car, but this print ad might be exaggerating the long low profile just a bit.

Stunning artwork - I miss the real space programs, back when America was number one and proud of it!

The usual disclaims apply here; Smoking is gross and deadly. Do Viceroy's and hot dogs make a good combination?


Pegleg Pete said...

"Tonic Water" does trip off the tongue a bit more easily than "Quinine Water". "Gin & Quinine" anyone?

Connie Moreno said...

That was great! I love the old ads!

Major Pepperidge said...

That is a neat article! Love the early mention of Space Mountain, "...It will be open in 1967, at a cost of $13 million".

Alicia said...

It is always nice to look back... just imagine how far Disney is now compared to the old Disney. The improvement and developments are so amazing and very surprising indeed. I think you really appreciate more Disney world if you know the history of it and really so amazing.

Lewis Brown jr. said...

Johns-Manville is gross and deadly. Good old made in USA asbestos. That must be what you miss from when the USA was #1

Guess you never lost a loved one that was employed there.