Friday, May 7, 2010

Elks Nite at Disneyland - May 8, 1970

Those folks over at The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks had their very own Private Party at Disneyland 40 year ago, May 8th 1970. Do you think the serial number represents 14,380 tickets sold? That number seems about right based on the “estimated attendance” figures for private parties on weekends as shown in my recent post of the Parkalendar (link).

There’s that weird wording we’ve seen before about “excess monies” being "retained by the Lodge for its services". What excess monies are they talking about? How could you ever have excess money, its sure never happened to me!

Here’s the cover to an excellent Vacationland from Winter/Spring 1970. The 1970 Vacationlands are some of my favorites, and this is the first 1970 version I’ve posted.

This issue has only two main articles; however they are lengthy and detailed. Knott’s Berry Farm Revisited is SEVEN pages long, almost unheard of in a Vacationland magazine. Eight pages if you count the Knott’s advertisement on the back cover!

One Step at a time” is a five page article all about the Matterhorn Mountain climbers. Come back on Bonus Sunday for the rest of these two great articles and the entire magazine.

Why don’t you go a head and “Take Disneyland Hone”…

A dandy of a centerfold. Check out that line for the New Haunted Mansion!

And lastly here’s a scan for all you sugar sack on a drinking fountain fans (we know who we are).


Major Pepperidge said...

Pana-Vues stink, but Viewmaster rocks!

If I wasn't so lazy I'd go back and see if C&H used the same photo over and over.

I wish I had "excess monies".

Jason Schultz said...

I bet it cost a certain amount to rent out the Park, and the Lodge paid that. But that could have sold enough tickets (at $3.95 per person) to cover that and have more money, besides.

Anonymous said...

I used to be an Elk member, it was typical to have this wording on event tickets for this reason:

If a member bought a ticket and did not attend, the ticket was non-refundable. Hopefully enough tickets were sold to defray the cost of the event, then any funds left over and above that amount were designated to go to the club's charity program. This note was to head off members asking for refunds and also showing that the individual lodge didn't make a profit on the event.

All events were supposed to be self-supporting and the profits go to the national club charity for handicapped kids. Funds for running the lodge were to come from dues, etc. and sales from the lodge dinners, bar etc.

The term "excess" means in excess of the cost of the event.


outsidetheberm said...

Nice post, Tim. We shared an 'Elk's at Holidayland' brochure a few months back. They were apparently a busy, fun loving bunch.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the picture the song started playing in my head...
C & H (C & H), Pure Cane Sugar (Pure Cane Sugar), From Hawaii (From Hawaii), Growin' in the Sun (Growin' in the Sun) ....