Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Golden Horseshoe Reservation Ticket Part 2 - Don Ballard

Today’s scans were donated by Don Ballard of the Magic Hotel Fame (website link – blog link) Thanks Don! Two very exciting things regarding Don; (1) He has a copy of The Bell TV Hour “The Sounds of America” from yesterdays post and is going to let me make a copy – I should be able to post it right here on the blog so stay tuned for that and (2) Don is having a special presentation next week at the Glendora Library on the History of the Disneyland Hotel – See the end of this post for all the details and I’ll see you there!

This Golden Horseshoe seating card must be newer than the one on my previous post (link). Don got this himself from the hostess; she was nice enough to give him a blank one!

Smart not printing the prices on the back – that way they could use these even when the prices went up (and I'm sure they did!). When did they stop using these or do they still have them??

WHAT: Don Ballard presents the History of the Disneyland Hotel

WHERE: Glendora Public Library, Bidwell Forum - 140 S. Glendora Ave., Glendora, CA 91741

WHEN: May 24, 2010, 7pm

From an email I received from Ryan Price:

Don Ballard and the History of the Disneyland Hotel

Donald W. Ballard lives in Northern California with his wife and children. He first became interested in the Disneyland Hotel in the late 1970’s. He never considered a trip to Disneyland complete without a stay at the Disneyland Hotel. The Hotel was an adventure and experience in itself to him aside from the joys of Disneyland.

By 1998, he decided to start documenting the Disneyland Hotel’s history. He began compiling many vintage paper items, photographs, magazines and souvenirs from the Hotel’s rich history. What first started as a short article for a Southern California travel magazine eventually became a book.

Along the way, Don learned a tremendous amount about the Hotel’s original owner Jack Wrather and recognized many parallels Wrather had to Walt Disney. Both were innovators and risk takers. Both had the guest’s experience and enjoyment first and foremost in everything they planned. Both were told Disneyland and the Disneyland Hotel would fail yet both persisted in their plans. What tremendous courage each man had!

Don was fortunate to have stayed many times at the Disneyland Hotel in its pre-1999 format and experienced many of Jack Wrather’s amenities. He loved the Monorail Café and the Olympic Pool as well as the old Garden Villas and Suites. He was also fortunate to stay in the North Garden Villas the last night they were open to the public in May of 1999. Though sad to see the historical section of the Disneyland Hotel removed, he understood the need for change. He and his family love the new Neverland Pool and Downtown Disney. He hopes that with this presentation, he can rekindle your fond memories of happy times spent at the original Disneyland® Hotel.

Please join Mr. Ballard in the Bidwell Forum of the Glendora Pubic Library for a very special multi-media presentation about the past, present and future of the Hotel.


Katella Gate said...

I'm sorry to miss this. I have a floating business trip to So Cal, and had I known I would have arranged my schedule to coincide.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chili cheese fries seems like a more recent thing to offer. They stole the idea from Tommy's Hamburgers!