Thursday, May 13, 2010

Disneyland Vacations 1973 - Presented By the Walt Disney Travel Co., Inc.

It’s 1973 and time to start planning your Disneyland Vacation! Presented By the Walt Disney Travel Co., Inc.

Land of many Lands” Sounds like an Indian name! Hey, “Why not let yourself go”?

Lots of choices. Do they really need to state that each hotel/motel has accommodations “with bath” – did they even have rooms “without baths” still in the 1973?

I want all those vintage tickets shown in the “Goodtime Features” oh wait; I actually have some already… Those air fares sure seem high? Hmmm, I’d opt for the Category “A” with the hotels. Although I do see the lovely Space Age Lodge in Category “C”.

General Conditions.


TokyoMagic! said...

I wonder why they chose to make the second "a" in "VACaTIONS" lower case?

The mention of the rooms "with bath" might have been for foreign travlers. Some European and Asian hotels still have "shared" baths. Although this flyer does appear to be geared towards doemestic travelers.

Major Pepperidge said...

My guess is that I would want to stay in the Space Age Lodge, and my parents would say "no, let's just stay at HoJo's where we know it's nice".

SGV said...

Great memories!

Although still in high school, I booked a vacation through the WD Travel Co. in the summer of '73. I poured over this brochure for weeks and stayed at the Disneyland Hotel (I think for the first time).

Jessie said...

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Angelica said...

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