Thursday, May 20, 2010

Knott's Berry Place - Note Pad

Here’s an OLD souvenir from Knott’s Berry Place, before it was a Farm! I can see why they changed the name, “Place” sounds so generic, everywhere is some ”Place”, but Knott’s was a Farm! This little note pad is not much large than a book of matches and contains about 20 little blank pages for notes. Chicken Dinner 85¢!

I didn’t realize it at the time, but this is the room where Chris Merritt signed his book, all of us bloggers waited just inside the doorway you see in the background as we gazed out these windows, come to think if it, the room did seem to ooze history…

At one time this was pretty much all there was to see while you waited to be seated for your chicken dinner.

Established 1920! Hey, where is Disneyland on this map? And where are the Freeways?


Major Pepperidge said...

Neat, you don't see much stuff from the "Knott's Berry Place" days.

I can't believe that I missed the "petrified log" when I was there!

Anonymous said...

As long as history was all that it oozed, we're good.

I remember that room from that picture too. Many moon, many buffalo since I sat there.



TokyoMagic! said...

I asked Phil Brigandi....(or was it Chris Jepsen), about the petrified log. I remember as a kid it was in one of the dining rooms of the Chicken Dinner Restaurant. He said he wasn't sure if it was still around or not. At least, that "Beautiful Cascade and Rock Garden" on the cover is still there!

Jay Jennings said...

The Knott's Museum has a nice collection of cool relics from "Knott's Berry Place", which is what the farm was called from 1928 up until mid-1947. The Petrified Log was located in the East Rock Garden, as was the old Bee Hive display. And in a room next to that (which is all boarded up now) was Russell Knott's collection of Fluorescent Rocks. Today's generation of Knott's visitors are truly missing out. But hey, they can always get a Knott's mug with their name on it in the Berry Market!