Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Disneyland on January 1, 1958

Are you ready for an accounting of another trip to Disneyland, this time it’s New Years Day – January 1, 1958!. You may recall from two previous posts (August 29, 1957 - link) and (August 20, 1958 - link) there were a bunch of auctions on Ebay that were from a teenager who visited Disneyland frequently in the late 1950’s. These auctions have; Parking lot Flyers, shop bags, parking tickets and these great little “notes” kept by the Junior guest showing how much was spent on each visit. The Ebay seller had a few listed last week and I got one for a good price, he also has 6 more listed now that are ending soon so be sure and check them out here (link).

There’s our favorite thrifty Scottish Dumbo! You’ve seen him before along with an amazing amount of vintage brochures being posted every Monday over at “Stuff from the Park” - brochures (link).

Mom, Dad, Children, EVERYBODY! Buy ticket books!

The front and inside are repeats of summer 1957 brochure, but the back of this one is customized for winter and the special holiday hours. I’m looking forward to the Slovakian Nations show on December 20th; I’m thinking Major Pepperidge might join me…

The “accountant” dated this “1957” but I’m thinking he was still stuck in 1957, how many of us has done the same things, heck I do it for weeks of each new year! That paperweight was $1.00 plus tax, the receipt from Geppetto’s Work Shop is shown later in this post.

Once again our two guests did NOT purchase ticket books (they appear to never have purchased ticket books). It’s my guess the older sibling was reimbursed for every penny spent so he wasn’t concerned with saving a few cents on cumbersome ticket books. Bear Shoot? A rather short evening 5:10pm to 6:35pm, they must have lived near by.

The parking ticket showing both “M”ornng and “E”vening locations!

Here’s the receipt from Geppetto’s Work Shop.

This receipt for .47¢ from the Emporium doesn’t match the total of $2.08 on the accounting sheet (Ruby necklace and earrings) maybe there is another receipt that’s missing that makes up the difference.

Even the Emporium bag was saved, but where is the Ruby Necklace?


TokyoMagic! said...

Could the Bear Shoot be the Frontierland Shooting Gallery? Or was it not there yet in 1958?

Thufer said...

Oh my.....the Emporium bag is just so amzing. (I know, but I really love that stuff).

Major Pepperidge said...

Those "accounting" lists are oddly fascinating! And what is with Dumbo in a kilt, anyway?

Katella Gate said...

Ho Hum, another Thrifty Scottish Dumbo.

Now if it were Thrifty Jewish Dumbo, or Aladdin's Arab Merchant Dumbo telling you about the value of a shekel, well now, that would get some attention.

From a human rights group ;)

outsidetheberm said...

These lists are just outstanding - on a few different levels. Thanks for the look.

TokyoMagic! said...

I'm fascinated by the accounting lists too. I hope you have more from this person's collection!!!

The Dumbo in a kilt thing is probably that dreadful stereotype of Scottish people being cheap. I'm just guessing that because the inside of the flyer says "less money" in three different places and also "economical." I remember Safeway Grocery store had their own line of less expensive products called "Scotch Buy" and the commercials featured Ray Bolger in a kilt, hamming it up and doing a Scottish accent.....JUST HORRID!

Chiana_Chat said...

Curious curios! Must say I never expected I'd be seeing something as "mundane" as a receipt from the car parking lot and Geppetto's from back that far but there they are... feels more like I've been there myself now hehe. Neat-o VDT.

Katella Gate said...

Tokyo: If you like Disneyland trip accounting records, maybe I should send you my EXCEL spread sheets. Every penny, every meal, every snack. Analyzed, tabulated, and cross referenced.

Actually, there was a serious point: I wanted to see how far ahead of the game I was if I bought an Annual Pass. Frankly, I made out like a bandit.

One last thing about Scottish Dumbo: The Scots HATE being called "thrifty". They're cheap because Scotland was a very poor part of the island. Very difficult farming, and for centuries, no industry. The stereotype has died out in the US, but it still goes on in the UK.

Anonymous said...

"Open every day all year 'round"?

I thought the Park began with closures on Monday and Tuesday. I know that was how it was in the 60's, and I think it was that way in December '59 (my first visit).

If open 'everyday all year 'round', when did the closed Mon. Tues. begin?

And where was Geppetto's Work Shop?