Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Knott's Stuff

Are you ready for some more Knott’s? I sure am! From the “Would a – Could a” department, these first two images are from April’s Knott’s Preserved event. This general admission ticket could have been used in place of the Ticketron style tickets actually used (link).

This would have been the lanyard from the Grand Avenue Tour, similar to the Ghost Town Tour (link), however that tour ended up not having any lanyards at all. If you’re wondering why these scans are so clear, it's because they're not scans, they're the originals! - “Thanks Chris!” and “Awesome Book”!

Following up on Magazine Monday’s Ice Capades post, the farm didn’t want miss out on the ice fun either so they formed the Knott’s Ice Spectacular – Here's the 1980 Edition, its fifth year!

They added an ice floor on the stage of the Good Time Theater? I bet that didn’t come cheap.

Presented by Knott’s Berry Farm and Pepsi-Cola. That Tommy Walker guy sounds familiar?

Oh, that Tommy Walker “Disney Director of Entertainment ‘Tommy’ Walker left USC and became the Magic Kingdom's first director of entertainment and customer relations. Disney used to tease Walker, "Everything you do is fireworks, balloons, pigeons and flags." Certainly these were four key elements in the extravaganzas Walker was known for. Walker's father, Vesey (honored as a Disney Legend in 2005), formed the original Disneyland Band.” (Wiki-link)

1980, need I say more?.

The show looks better in text than in these photos. I wonder what it was like in person.

The "centerfold"...

Al-righty-then, this is where I sneak out of the theater, just a few steps away is Knott’s Bear-y Tales and I’ve got a handful of “B” tickets! (I really do have a handful of "B" tickets)

There are plenty more photos in this program, but you can get the basic idea from the back cover. I need to go dust off my Solid Gold VHS tapes - Dionne and Andy, here I come!


Major Pepperidge said...

In the grand finale, Snoopy came out to skate wearing a g-string and nothing else.


Meanwhile, I wish I had one of those lanyard tickets...

Anonymous said...

toooo early for that mental picture...mental floss required.



Let's Talk Knott's said...

For some reason I want to go home and watch CHiPs right now. Great post and an interesting piece of Knott's history.

IludiumPhosdex said...

This wasn't exactly new in terms of concept: I understand that Blackpool Pleasure Beach out England way has had for many years the "Hot Ice" show as part of their distractions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks much for the post! I was a stage hand at the Good Time Theatre for the majority of the run of this show. 6 days a week, 3 shows a day. Could do it in your sleep! Many fond memories, except for the monkey. Very strong, very mean, I believe that Mr. Meyer his trainer was looking for a replacement - they become difficult as they age.

Anonymous said...

My gosh I can not thank you enough for posting these images of Knott's 1980 Ice Spectacular.
What a treasure.
I had the pleasure of working that show as wardrobe master. Three shows daily beginning at 2pm.
That was a truly awesome cast with an A+ production team producing the show.
The show itself was Broadway-quality. We packed the house every show, every day. The "stage door" was like something out of a movie laden with fans waiting to get an autograph!
Ahhh the old days of Knott's Berry Farm.
Here's a kicker for you . . the wardrobe building we worked out of was next to the trailer home where Walter Knott resided during the day, with his nurse. I had the pleasure of seeing him a few times. I also experienced the ghosts of the old wardrobe building which has since been demolished and is the site of Big Foot Rapids. They said Marion Knott was one of the ghosts residing in the building, the other was a wardrobe employee who had been murdered one evening hitchhiking home. That building was very creepy.
Well, thanks again for the memories.

Anonymous said...

My goodness. What wonderful memories. I was one if the big time groupies of the show with my "Greg Welch" homemade tee shirt. How embarrassing to admit. LOL Now I'm almost 50! Where has the time gone? What wonderful times and a great show I might add. Would love to know how everyone is doing:) Would love to find a couple of the theater ushers as well. Thank you for posting this.