Saturday, June 21, 2008

Donald Duck in Disneyland - 1955

Today’s Souvenir Saturday is a bit of cheat on my part since this post is just a “link” to another blog, but we all benefit from it. Since last Saturdays souvenir of “Donald Duck Goes To Disneyland" - 1955 (link) was such fun, here is a link to a great blog that has TONS of Little Golden Books, fully scanned.

The Blog is called “Golden Gems” and is at:

Here is the link to “Donald Duck in Disneyland”, it was posted back in February: (Link)

This is a fun one too, also dated 1955, this almost seems a little older than last weeks book, more “concept” like with the park.

Where is that Tomorrowland????

Barbie runs this blog and she really has some amazing scans, if you had these little golden books as a kid, you gotta check it out.

See you tomorrow on Bonus Sunday!

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