Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bonus Sunday

From Wednesday's post (link) here is the complete 1985 "Your Souvenir Guide" to Disneyland. This Guide is in mint condition, someone must have picked this one up on the way out of the park.

Disneyland Guide Book 1985 (1st edition) - 12mb

Well folks, it's June and besides weddings, it's GRAD NITE month! I hope you are ready to see plenty of Grad Nite tickets and goodies this month!

Grad Party '78, This isn't really a Grad Nite, since it's a daytime event for June 8th 1978. Mickey and Goofy look pretty "thrilled". This ticket is punched void, so don't try and copy it and time travel back to used it.

Just a little souvenir oddity. From one of those great wood burning sets (I bet gents over 40 know the smell as soon as I mentioned it) this one is from 1955 I would guess, the graphics on the box are great, way too big to scan. Progressland, notice it says entrance to "Disneyland Park"....


Viewliner Ltd. said...

Another great guide. Woodburning pic is very cool. Can't smell it though.

Progressland said...

It sure does say Disneyland Park!