Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Disney World Opens - Life Magazine October 1971

Disney World Opens from Life Magazine - October 15, 1971. This is the last and best of the three early Walt Disney World magazine articles I have to post prior to my upcoming trip to the Magic Kingdom. Check out the other two here:

Take a LOOK at Disneyworld - April 4, 1971

Boys Life – July 1973

In one month I will be at the “other park” in Florida for the very first time. To be honest, I am ambivalent about the going. The more I read online about the current condition of the “Florida” property the less exciting it seems. Therefore, I am open to any and all suggestions regarding how a “Socal” guy can have fun in Florida. (Email me at:

Now on to the article. This one is seven pages long; I’ll keep quiet and let you read all the pages uninterrupted. Be sure to check out the two page aerial photo. It’s taken from an odd angle and with a super wide fish-eye type lens. This place is disorienting enough for me, but the aerial photo gives me weird dreams.

Don’t forget to give me some hints for Florida, so far the “Mickey Mouse Revue” looks like the best thing going, but I missed that by a few decades.

Now for some vintage ads, I just love these, I hope you enjoy them as well.

Oh boy, lets buy a Pinto? “It was alleged that the car's design allowed its fuel tank to be easily damaged in the event of a rear-end collision which sometimes resulted in deadly fires and explosions.” In reality the number of fire related deaths from those early Pintos (over 2 million built) was 27, about the same as any other car of the period. Actually, it’s kind of cute.

Now this is more my size. I once owned a 73 Lincoln Mark IV (similar underneath to this T-Bird) it had those early anti-lock brakes (Sure-Track) and they worked rather well.

Can’t ignore the GM folks, this is the last year before the ugly bumper laws made the front ends look awful!

Moving away from the ads for a moment and for the sports fans, here is a great vintage article about George Allen joining the Redskins after being with the Rams. The “RamSkins” Interesting that his Redskins would loose to Florida (that seasons' undefeated Miami Dolphins) in Superbowl XII (1973) 14 to 7.

Back for two more ads. How about a couple of vices?

Let’s start with some alcohol. Ah yes Seagram's 7 Crown, what a lively looking bunch of folks, look how neat and organized everything is. When my friends and I hang around all day and drink whisky on the rocks in tall glasses, we aren’t quite as well behaved…

***Disclaimer – Cigarettes are gross and they will kill you, don’t do it!*** That said, “The Lady has Taste” Eve cigarettes will always have and odd and disjointed place in my mind, as a 6 year old, these ads really had an profound impact on my little brain. “Smoke Pretty”, Well “Lady”, you’ll look “pretty” in that open casket!

Preview: A couple of fun days coming up on the blog; Tomorrow come celebrate American’s 200th anniversary with a Vintage America on Parade preview ticket (plus laugh along with me at my attempt to scan some related and faded commercial slides) and for Friday, a different type of “200th” celebration!


Viewliner Ltd. said...

This is fantastic. Awesome cover and great adds. The Pinto was cool.

Major Pepperidge said...

Uh oh, is your 200th post coming up? ;-)

Thanks for posting this magazine, this was the one I was hinting about a few months ago!

Anonymous said...

Hi! One - I love the things you post, thanks for doing all the work so I can see articles, pamphlets, etc. for the first time and so cool Two - your first time at WDW? wow, enjoy! I am a long time Disneyland fan, live in SoCal, AP most years, been there hundreds of times - and we loved WDW! So much to do and see! Yes, DL will always be special, but we do wish WDW was closer...

Matt said...

Ah the Pinto...I actually owned TWO of them, but never the hatch back. It was actually a good little car...

Greg Maletic said...

Have a great time on your trip to WDW!

There are some elements of the park--Swiss Family Treehouse, the Crystal Palace, and the castle itself (especially its interior murals)--that are among the most beautiful things Disney has produced. Among its attractions, It's A Small World is now officially the best of its ilk, despite its interior loading area, and the Haunted Mansion in Orlando has always been my favorite.

I wrote about some of the Magic Kingdom's best aspects in this blog post:

Overall, I don't find the level of upkeep in the park to be a problem. It's more that the park has suffered in that E-tickets have been ripped out (20,000 Leagues) in favor of cheap playlands or Dumbo-like rides. It suffers from lack of investment, not lack of upkeep.

So: will you like it more than Disneyland (Park)? Highly unlikely. But it undoubtedly has its charms.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Viewliner and Matt, I agree, the Pinto was a good little car, I drove a friends 78 Pinto with 4-speed and it was blast!

Major, you are correct! And yes, you were my inspiration to find this Life magazine!

Anonymous, you are welcome. And boy do I feel luck to live 45 miles from Disneyland!

Greg; thank you very much for your candid assessment of the Florida property, reading it got me excited about going again, sweet!!!!!!

Thanks everyone!