Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bonus Sunday

Welcome to Bonus Sunday! We’ve got two fun, exciting and totally unrelated items for your Sunday reading and viewing pleasure.

First up, from Wednesday’s Grad Nite ’65 Post (link), here is the complete “Tencennial” newspaper souvenir supplement. I scanned the entire supplement at 400 DPI so it’s a large file for 24 pages. The pages are large and FULL of great color photos, I am sure you will enjoy reading this, I sure did.

Disneyland Tencennial Newspaper Supplement – 114mb

This next item is a great music “video” from 1975. Yes it the Carpenters singing “Please Mr. Postman”, WAIT, before you close this web page you should know that the entire video was filmed on location at Disneyland, some of it on the mine train! If you like the Carpenters and Disneyland this is for you.

Karen loved Disneyland and it really shows in this “video”. Karen wasn’t known for smiling a lot in these old clips, come on “Rainy Days and Mondays” doesn’t have much to smile about. But check her out in this footage; she really has a genuine smile & excitement about her, something she most likely didn’t experience often enough. While Karen is happy as can be, Richard looks, well, not so much.

I had a request for a larger version (Blogspot made it much smaller) Here is the full size .WMV file if you want to download it to see Disneyland a little clearer:

Carpenters "Please Mr. Postman" 1975 - 60mb

A copy of this video has been floating around YouTube for a while but the quality is awful and it was re-edited by some amateur! I ripped the copy in this post from the DVD “Carpenters Gold – Greatest Hits”, released in 2002. I highly recommend it. Yup, I am one of those Carpenters and Disneyland Fans; I will admit it in public. Her voice was special and oh so unique, gone way too soon and dearly missed.

Tomorrow; Hmmm, a little mechanical birdie told me not to tell you...


sundaynight said...

No need to feel embarrassed about being a Carpenters fan. They are recognized today as a pretty influential group and people are gaining a new appreciation for their music.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Great, great newspaper insert. Been waiting for it since you announced it. Fantatsic pictures.

YOU RULE TIM!!! They were awesome. I love this video. One of the greatest groups in music history.

jedblau said...

Thanks for this video. Never seen it or heard of it!

Kevin Kidney said...

Oh man! This video really made my day! Thanks!!!!

Mark Taft said...

I, too, am a huge Carps fan. Check out my blog and search for some fun things. In fact, I have a rare photo of Carps at DL coming up soon!