Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tropicana Hotel - Across the Street from Disneyland

If you can’t afford the Disneyland Hotel then do the next best thing, stay across the Street from Disneyland! The Tropicana Motel looks dreamy in this undated brochure/postcard.

Should you happen to dial that phone number you’ll find out the “Tropicana Suites” are still in business at the same address. Hey Major, they accept your Credit Cards!

Park-Walk” I’ve stayed at a motel right at the cross walk to the old parking lot, it’s so convenient you forget all about mediocre room.

The “New” Anaheim Convention Center is a clue to the date of this item, the Convention center was opened in July 1967.


Major Pepperidge said...

The Tropicana doesn't look so bad! In fact, it's got a cool retro charm to it. Look at the pool with two slides, now that's luxury! As much as I wish I had been able to stay in the old Disneyland Hotel, these "other" hotels often look like they were a lot of fun.

rider said...

I love this place because it is soooooo close to Disneyland. Very easy to push the cart back and forth. Frig Mirko and make it is to keep the snacks for the children. A great place to drop the dash and to spend all your time in the garden.

Hoteis em buzios

JG said...

This was fun, thank you. Never stayed here, but looks familar.


richi fords said...

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