Monday, June 6, 2011

Family Circle - June 1965

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Today’s magazine is pushing the “Disneyland Related Article” requirement but its got some great vintage advertisements to make up for it. From June 1965 is Family Circle Magazine. Cozy if not a bit green family room.

The one Disneyland photo is part of a six page “Travel Beauty Aids you can use at Home” article. At least it’s a nice photo, but something looks odd with the Carrousel?

Here’s the six page article, 46 years ago and many worlds away.

“How to get more mileage out of Daddy” is a funny article that treats dad like the family car! Let me know if anyone wants to ready the rest and I’ll post it on Bonus Sunday.

"Glamorous gifts for the Bride’s Kitchen". Those are some sharp looking appliances.

Now for some great vintage advertisements. Up first Whirlpool wants you to see what’s inside their stylish refrigerator.

Broyhill Furniture – where’s Monty Hall and Carol Marol.

This is what I had for dinner last night – OK its was KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce, but I did grill hamburgers just like those, yum!

Tropical Mist Cake actually sounds pretty good!

Two cartons are better than one!

“I can’t get you a Tab, you haven’t ordered anything yet”.

Wow, what a great look!


Connie Moreno said...

Oh my word, what a crack-up! I remember our living room suddenly turning into a giant avocado.

The travel beauty advice: Mon never taught me that. Just the other day I was thinking that I should wear a scarf to the Park - seriously!

Souvenir basket? Great idea. I never learned that you are supposed to put your bags down for a photo and pose!

It's always such fun to look at these magazines!

Major Pepperidge said...

Love the pretty girls! And the Tab bottle with the sparkles painted on. The living room is avocado green, yuck.

janet said...

Awesome magazine - you make my Mondays happy!

We had an avocado green sofa - at least the carpet didn't match.

Yes, please, let's find out how to keep Dad well-maintained!

Major Pepperidge said...

I think that the woman in the last image is Candace Bergen.

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