Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bonus Sunday

Welcome to Bonus Sunday, from Friday's post, here's the complete issue of Vacationland Fall-Winter 1975-76.

*** Download here: Vacationland Fall-Winter 1975/76 - 123mb ***

Here's the entire America On Parade 6 page article for your reading enjoyment.


janet said...

Awesome bonus - thanks. That issue brought back more memories than I can count.

Did that America on Parade really have 50 units? I didn't realize that parades had gotten that much smaller.

Rs To Gold said...

WOW!! Absolutely every single detail. You must soo enjoy being out there!!

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elo boost said...

Amazing reward -- many thanks. Which concern cut back much more reminiscences compared to I will depend.

Do which The united states upon March genuinely have 50 models? We did not understand that parades experienced become much scaled-down.

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