Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Magic Mountain - The "Maxi Cards" - 1971/72

Since I’ve been in a Magic Mountain mood, let’s look at some vintage postcards. These are a little larger than standard postcards; they measure in at approximately 5 by 6 ½ inches. These are “The Maxi Card” series by Mike Roberts, Berkeley 94730, I would place these in the first year of operation, 1971/72.

Here’s the back first so you can read the descriptions if you like. Not the greatest map, but it will do the job.

The top part of the marquee has changed and a couple of smaller signs have been placed lower on the pole. I just drove by the marquee two days ago and those fun little buildings at the bottom are still there! As you can see, at one time there was a gift shop in there that sold park souvenirs, I’m pretty sure its empty now.

Log Jammer goodness...

Trolls and the Wizard, the Wizard is a little creepy I will admit.

The Mountain Express, a great little roller-coaster. It lived on in Mexico until 2006 (link) R.I.P.

Vertigo anyone???

Ok, this one is not from this set, its from a 1977 postcard-pack, I just wanted to see the Metro again… SAVE THE METRO!!!

Come back tomorrow for some Disneyland Stuff...


TokyoMagic! said...

Wow, the vegetation is still so new in that Log Jammer shot, that you can see the Eagles Flight Station AND the Four Winds Restaurant on the top of the hill!

Major Pepperidge said...

That shot from the "skyway" (whatever they called their version!) is awesome, what a view!!

And I am always happy to see the trolls and the wizard. Great set of cards!