Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grad Nite Party - 1963

Time for the next Grad Nite Party, this one is on June 21, 1963. 12 Midnight to 5:30am, I suppose if you're young those hours are no problem, I’m yawning just thinking about it! Looks like who ever had this ticket didn’t get the photo like my parents did in 1962. Smile for the birdie…

Please excuse the paste marks, it must have been in someone's scrap book. “Date Dresses for the Girls”, what kind of dress is not for a date?

This 1963 program was posted last year so it’s kind of a repeat, but it does go perfectly with the ticket since they are for the same exact date. The fun early 1960’s art work is similar the Grad Nite 1962 record jacket cover from yesterday's post.

The High School names were printed on this “tissue like” paper that’s pretty thick, it reminds me of a wedding invitation. Is your High School on there? Mine isn't, it wasn't build until 1969.

The cute couple that are under the tissue paper.

Lots of super talented entertainment with great “action” drawings.  The Yachtsmen aboard the Columbia, I am so there! 

KFWB Channel 98 was On-The-Air "Live" featuring those Swingin KFWB DJ's!

A blank piece of that same tissue type paper separates the back page. No photo, but there are some details on what attractions they rode, like Autopia Sr.

See you tomorrow for Grad Nites '64 & '65!


Katella Gate said...

I think it's great that KFWB did a live simulcast from the Park. That's good marketing!

Firehouse5+2 was performing at the Oak Tavern Patio. Where was that??

Disney On Parole said...

This is great.
I love the Art work of the camera man and what "Happy Hats"
Kay Bell looks like she's in a house coat! maybe she was tired from being up so late!... and is that Walt playing trombone for her?

Major Pepperidge said...

Great stuff, especially the grad nite '63 flyer (although the artwork on that ticket is fantastic too)!