Friday, June 5, 2009

Grad Nite Party - 1966 & 1967

Once again continuing along with Disneyland’s annual Grad Nite’s, as with yesterday's post, today’s post will cover two consecutive years, more shameless “reruns” from last year. Next week we'll have some new stuff as we pick up with Grad Nite '69.

Now it's Grad Nite ’66 at Disneyland! June 16, 1966 – The usual 11:00pm till 5:00am.  These tickets have a “fun” font and those cool little star-sparkle things, they remind me of the cartoon beginning of Bewitched. According to Jason at Disneyland Nomenclature (link) "The grand prize this year was a 1966 Pontiac GTO offered each of the five Grad Nites. No Mustang... but you could see the Mustangs perform!"

The usual stuff is on the back. And - HOLD YOUR OWN TICKET, what are you crazy?

The lucky holders of these tickets took advantage of the fact you had to buy a photo with each ticket purchase. The cover is extra thick stock, the type you would get from a mid priced photo gallery, not bad for a buck!

The happy couple, lets call them Ken and Peggy. 


On to Grad Nite ’67! Here is a “Complimentary / Admit One Sponsor” ticket for June 16, 1967. That had to be a little odd to be at Grad Nite and not be a Grad or a Chaperon.

Speaking of Chaperon’s, here is an “Official Chaperon” sticker. I would make a terrible Chaperon, by 2am I would just be looking for a place to lay down & sleep…. "Wake me up when its over".

Here is the great program from Grad Nite ’67. The two ladies on the left look like the just escaped from Sergio Mendez & Brazil ’66. Everyone looks so happy and inviting that I’m going to go ahead and use that Sponsor ticket!

This program was printed with a different section on this page for each of the days, I have two versions; June 14th and June 16th, 1967.

This part talks about “new advances in science and technology” makes you think there might be some New Tomorrowland stuff coming up in this program, not so.

Great entertainment lineup; Dobie Gray (A few years before "Drift Away”), “The Aggregation” now that’s a cool name, “Aunt Dina’s Quilting Party” at the Mine Train and MORE!!!!

I scanned it with Bill Elliott twice; I have no idea why…. The “Regents”, “Disneyland Humdinger”, the “Individuals” and still MORE!!!  They really racked up the entertainment, especially when you consider there are no acts in Tomorrowland which was christened the “New” Tomorrowland on July 2, 1967.

For Grad Nites in 1964 & 1965 new Mustangs were given away, 1966 saw GTO’s being given away, now for 1967 it’s the “Car of the Year” the Mercury Cougar. KFWB is still around; its News 980 now (it was News 98 until a few years ago). Do they still broadcast “Grad Nites” from Disneyland on any station?

I think the white space on the right side might be for autographs? Or they just didn’t have the right sized picture.

Is really is, isn’t it?

WOW, that was a fast and fun Grad Nite Week! Come back for more Grad Nites next week starting after Magazine Monday.


TokyoMagic! said...

Thanks for all the great Grad Nite stuff you've been posting! I wonder where "Ken" and "Peggy" are today?

Major Pepperidge said...

Hey, there's my old High School (Thousand Oaks HS)! Of course, I wouldn't be going there for quite a few years.

The photographer must have used the world's largest flash to get that Mark Twain shot at night!

Katella Gate said...

Sharp eyes to spot the similarity between the two girls in the poster and the two Brazil 66 singers. It's one of those things that's too close to be coincidence.

TokyoMagic! said...

Okay, I came back for a second look at today's post and now I'm noticing the 6 people in one tea cup. Would they even allow that today?

I think I remember being at DL when Sergio Mendes and Brazil '88 were performing. They kept changing their name to reflect the decade, I guess.

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It was a nice program. I've got all the versions and it's my greatest thing.

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